About me….

Hola everyone!

My name is Krista. I am 18 years old hairdresser from Helsinki. I am studying double degree in Kallavesi senior high school and Savo Vocational College, Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration in Kuopio. I am a social and outgoing happy person. I love travelling abroad and get new perspective about things and see the world in my own eyes. In this blog post, I will tell you something about me and my feelings for this incoming intern in Barcelona, Spain.

I have very good customer service skills because I like working with all kinds of people and I like especially small talk, using my language skills and improve them. I am really interested in getting to know new people and help them as well as I can. Thats why, I really like to study in this business economy. I want to get a variety of experiences abroad during my internship, and I´m so excited to see the world. I have always been interested in working abroad for an internship especially in Barcelona Spain, and in that way I could live my dream. I`m also studying Spanish so I can`t wait to go there and speak Spanish and English to all the customers and people!

I have lived in my own apartment for a year and I can manage on my own. My goal is learning the job well and to meet new people, working methods as well as different cultures and gain experience in a variety of jobs. I`m going to do my internship in Barcelona in clothing store called Levi`s store. It has been one of the leading fashion brands in selling denim clothings to all kind`s of people. I could not be more excited to be working there!

I love travelling to different places and see the other side of the world. I have traveled a lot with my parents, but this time I will go to experience the world on my own. I want to practice my own language skills and learn how to cope in the world in different languages, as well as jobs that I am studying.

I decided to apply for a summer job abroad, so this internship would certainly help me find a job abroad in the future! I have never been in Spain and I thought that it would be the most exciting experience, not only because I`ve always wanted to go there, but because its so close to my heart and would give me a change to see the world with different eyes and really get to know what Spain culture is like, and how the people live there and really get to know Spain culture by experiencing it personally.

See you in my next blog post! I might just be writing it in barcelona, so lets get this all going! 🙂

Yours sincerily



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