Another day, after day.

Still here in BCN and it`s so nice. Working every day and weekends off. I just love my work at the Levi`s store. I am doing so much customer service for all the tourists and local people as well. Thats like just the right job for me, like who wouldn`t want to work in a cool and famous clothing store in Barcelona especially in the summer. I`ve learned so much about how to work in a hurry and all about the clothing sizes and the difference from woman to a man clothes. It has been also a total blast in here with the other finnishgirls. We have been going to the city a lot, and also eating all kind of different foods and all like that.

It`s a Sunday night right now, just writing this blog post. These two finnishgirls have just left from the flat to the airport back to Finland because their internship is all wrapped up, unlike me after these three weeks I still have over a month in here. Not complaining tho at all.. This is just like why I came here to grow as a person and really see the world on my own. It just gets you a little bit anxious and feeling a little bit lonely because I live here almost alone, and our side of the flat is so quiet right now but I`ll survive. Here is still a one guy and maybe a one girl living in the other side of the flat, but I think they are both leaving also, can`t really say. I just have to ask about that. And who knows.. maybe I`ll get a new roommates and get to known new people and make friends.

Atleast I have my work mates as my social and safety network in here. They asked me to go to this restaurant with them called Casa Bonay what was located a little further of the city and it was like inside of a very nice 5 star hotel. It had two sides one of the restaurant and the other side what was like a bar with in a good music and very good looking bartenders as well. haha. So as you can think yeah I went to the restaurant with them all yesterday and it was such a good night. We had a “little” bit of  wine and food coming to us after another and another. I didn`t even know all the food I ate but everything tasted so good. Kind of all mixed up of asian food and something like that. One thing what was a little disturbing was all the spanish language at the table, because I was the only one who didn`t speak spanish so well… but luckily I understood almost everything what was said at the table and got my times to speak because I really had to be social to not feel like a outsider kind of, but so good that almost everyone spoked such a good English so it was all good and nice to see and really get known these people out of work like more personally. After the restaurant we all went to a karaoke bar what was close to the restaurant. I can still feel the good vibe in everyone all just dancing and singing the karaoke songs in spanish. Definitely gonna remember everything of that night for a long time. Let`s just hope there is more to come! Have to get ready to sleep now, and start another week of work feeling fresh and ready to work my ass off! Because every day is another adventure in here.

¡Hasta luego!



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