FC Barcelona VS Real Sociedad

All about football this time.. YES. I was in the most popular football game in Barcelona when FC Barcelona was playing against Real Sociedad. It was so awesome. I really personally like watching football, especially live! And the game was in the most famous and big arena called Camp Nou whats located in Barcelona. I went there with another student of my school who was doing his internship in one hour away from Barcelona. He was going there with his family who also likes football, so I kind of went there with them. Haha. It`s funny, but I think football connects people, so I think it was ok. Atleast we had such a fun time there, and the game was irreplaceable. It`s so different the feeling when you can see everything live on you`re own eyes and see the players face to face and get the feeling of an real football game!! It was so much fun.

We went also before this game, one day to see another football game out of Barcelona somewhere called llobregatt. It was a game of spanish la liga RCD Espanyol vs Alaves. That time I went to the game with the guy and his aunt who was on her vacacion in Spain, so nice and fun time. I went to the Barcelona Sants whats the Barcelona`s central train station, where I met them and then we went together to the different city with in a train. The game was such a cool experience, even though not so big and known, but the city where the game was, was just so beautiful. I just love to see another side`s of Spain. Also the people are so local, that I love it. And the day was just so warm and perfect to watch the game!


Pictures below:



Camp Nou!!!!







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