FC Barcelona VS Real Sociedad

All about football this time.. YES. I was in the most popular football game in Barcelona when FC Barcelona was playing against Real Sociedad. It was so awesome. I really personally like watching football, especially live! And the game was in the most famous and big arena called Camp Nou whats located in Barcelona. I went there with another student of my school who was doing his internship in one hour away from Barcelona. He was going there with his family who also likes football, so I kind of went there with them. Haha. It`s funny, but I think football connects people, so I think it was ok. Atleast we had such a fun time there, and the game was irreplaceable. It`s so different the feeling when you can see everything live on you`re own eyes and see the players face to face and get the feeling of an real football game!! It was so much fun.

We went also before this game, one day to see another football game out of Barcelona somewhere called llobregatt. It was a game of spanish la liga RCD Espanyol vs Alaves. That time I went to the game with the guy and his aunt who was on her vacacion in Spain, so nice and fun time. I went to the Barcelona Sants whats the Barcelona`s central train station, where I met them and then we went together to the different city with in a train. The game was such a cool experience, even though not so big and known, but the city where the game was, was just so beautiful. I just love to see another side`s of Spain. Also the people are so local, that I love it. And the day was just so warm and perfect to watch the game!


Pictures below:



Camp Nou!!!!







Another day, after day.

Still here in BCN and it`s so nice. Working every day and weekends off. I just love my work at the Levi`s store. I am doing so much customer service for all the tourists and local people as well. Thats like just the right job for me, like who wouldn`t want to work in a cool and famous clothing store in Barcelona especially in the summer. I`ve learned so much about how to work in a hurry and all about the clothing sizes and the difference from woman to a man clothes. It has been also a total blast in here with the other finnishgirls. We have been going to the city a lot, and also eating all kind of different foods and all like that.

It`s a Sunday night right now, just writing this blog post. These two finnishgirls have just left from the flat to the airport back to Finland because their internship is all wrapped up, unlike me after these three weeks I still have over a month in here. Not complaining tho at all.. This is just like why I came here to grow as a person and really see the world on my own. It just gets you a little bit anxious and feeling a little bit lonely because I live here almost alone, and our side of the flat is so quiet right now but I`ll survive. Here is still a one guy and maybe a one girl living in the other side of the flat, but I think they are both leaving also, can`t really say. I just have to ask about that. And who knows.. maybe I`ll get a new roommates and get to known new people and make friends.

Atleast I have my work mates as my social and safety network in here. They asked me to go to this restaurant with them called Casa Bonay what was located a little further of the city and it was like inside of a very nice 5 star hotel. It had two sides one of the restaurant and the other side what was like a bar with in a good music and very good looking bartenders as well. haha. So as you can think yeah I went to the restaurant with them all yesterday and it was such a good night. We had a “little” bit of  wine and food coming to us after another and another. I didn`t even know all the food I ate but everything tasted so good. Kind of all mixed up of asian food and something like that. One thing what was a little disturbing was all the spanish language at the table, because I was the only one who didn`t speak spanish so well… but luckily I understood almost everything what was said at the table and got my times to speak because I really had to be social to not feel like a outsider kind of, but so good that almost everyone spoked such a good English so it was all good and nice to see and really get known these people out of work like more personally. After the restaurant we all went to a karaoke bar what was close to the restaurant. I can still feel the good vibe in everyone all just dancing and singing the karaoke songs in spanish. Definitely gonna remember everything of that night for a long time. Let`s just hope there is more to come! Have to get ready to sleep now, and start another week of work feeling fresh and ready to work my ass off! Because every day is another adventure in here.

¡Hasta luego!


Here in Barcelona!

I just have so much to say! I have been here almost 2 weeks now and it feels like I`ve been here for months. Well.. I survived from my night flight and I was in Barcelona, BCN some where around 9-10 a.m in the morning of Saturday. I decided to take a taxi, and yes, i had to speak Spanish because almost no one speaks English. Kind of… It really depends, but taxi drivers, no. I went to my flat and it`s very nice looking kind of an old and big building with in big doors and the neighborhood is very nice and beautiful. It`s located in long street called Gran Via De Les Corts, Catalanes. I only have 2-3 km to work in the center of Barcelona.

My flat is very close to the most famous tourist street of shopping called La Rambla. Along the streets there is also so many coffee places and supermarkets where you can go and easily buy food in such a low cost. And… yeah. I`m living in country where a normal wine bottle costs only 1 euro or 2. 🙂 Not complaining. And good collection also!

I did get known to these two Finnish girls who are from Kuopio also, living in the same flat as me. It was so easy to get known to everything about the flat and the city because the girls have been living here 2 weeks already before i came. There is also living people all over the world. We have one Spanish guy and one from Saudi-Arabia and a girl from Brazil. We all have our own rooms and two bathrooms and kitchen  in both sides of the flat. We also have a living room near the kitchen and a big balcony, so this flat is kind of big one. I really like living here, and every place you need to go is just around the corner!

I love the Spanish culture and how people live here and how everyone is so social and outgoing as me. I started my work on Tuesday in the Levi`s store. It`s located in the center of Barcelona in the street called passeig de cracia, and a place where all the tourists are. I can customer service all the tourists and also local people speaking English and Spanish kind of all mixed up. The work mates are so nice and social so it`s so much fun working there! And the boss is very cool and really explained me everything about the jeans and all the clothes, about the sizes and fashion brands. After all… Levi`s store is all about denim jeans! I even got myself a work uniform what includes two jeans and two shirts! I never haven`t even tried Levi`s clothes before, but now? I just love the style.

I have already experienced so much and learned so much. I ate one morning such a good Spanish breakfast.. it was so good! bread with in oil and tomatoes and chicken salad and chocolate con churros. You can`t even say how good it was. Especially the churros! And the coffee is good,  but not so strong, how you can get it in Finland. That`s just the thing I miss about Finland. Weather in here has been very changeable but everyday it`s like +20 degrees. Sometimes there has been a stormy nights and rain, but not so much. Everyday you can get a little bit tanned, especially at the weekends when I`m off from work, and I have time to go to the beach and just be outside! Not so much clothes needed in here!

(pictures coming more later than I`m already in this blog post)

¡Adios amigos!

– Krista


About me….

Hola everyone!

My name is Krista. I am 18 years old hairdresser from Helsinki. I am studying double degree in Kallavesi senior high school and Savo Vocational College, Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration in Kuopio. I am a social and outgoing happy person. I love travelling abroad and get new perspective about things and see the world in my own eyes. In this blog post, I will tell you something about me and my feelings for this incoming intern in Barcelona, Spain.

I have very good customer service skills because I like working with all kinds of people and I like especially small talk, using my language skills and improve them. I am really interested in getting to know new people and help them as well as I can. Thats why, I really like to study in this business economy. I want to get a variety of experiences abroad during my internship, and I´m so excited to see the world. I have always been interested in working abroad for an internship especially in Barcelona Spain, and in that way I could live my dream. I`m also studying Spanish so I can`t wait to go there and speak Spanish and English to all the customers and people!

I have lived in my own apartment for a year and I can manage on my own. My goal is learning the job well and to meet new people, working methods as well as different cultures and gain experience in a variety of jobs. I`m going to do my internship in Barcelona in clothing store called Levi`s store. It has been one of the leading fashion brands in selling denim clothings to all kind`s of people. I could not be more excited to be working there!

I love travelling to different places and see the other side of the world. I have traveled a lot with my parents, but this time I will go to experience the world on my own. I want to practice my own language skills and learn how to cope in the world in different languages, as well as jobs that I am studying.

I decided to apply for a summer job abroad, so this internship would certainly help me find a job abroad in the future! I have never been in Spain and I thought that it would be the most exciting experience, not only because I`ve always wanted to go there, but because its so close to my heart and would give me a change to see the world with different eyes and really get to know what Spain culture is like, and how the people live there and really get to know Spain culture by experiencing it personally.

See you in my next blog post! I might just be writing it in barcelona, so lets get this all going! 🙂

Yours sincerily